Split - Children's Journeys Through Divorce
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School Library Journal

School Library Journal

Split: A Film for Kids of Divorce (and Their Parents). DVD. 28 min. Splitfilm.org. 2013. ISBN unavail. $49.

Gr 1–6--This excellent film shows a diverse group of children aged 6-12 in all of their vulnerability and strength. They are on-camera individually responding to questions or prompts that viewers don’t hear. Brightly colored animation draws the audience in and helps to explain what the children are saying. The animation divides each of the discussion points that are touched on, such as families (of all kinds), change, feelings, wondering why the divorce happened, stuck in the middle, being shuttled back and forth between parents, and more. Almost all of the children exhibit a maturity about being a child of divorce, with comments like “nobody’s perfect, nothing is perfect” or “it’s like when something you love breaks.” Some of the kids are still processing the divorce, while others seem to have adapted. Occasionally it is obvious that counseling has been part of the process. This very well done film can be used by children and their parents as a discussion starter, or by counselors working with individual children or groups.–Ann Brownson, Eastern Illinois University


The Professional Meditator

REVIEW of Ellen Bruno’s DVD, “SPLIT: Divorce Through Kids’ Eyes”


Educatonal Media Reviews Online

Reviewed by Carolyn Walden, Mervyn H. Sterne Library, University of Alabama at Birmingham