Split - Children's Journeys Through Divorce
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Interview with Director Ellen Bruno and Divorce Expert Christina McGhee in January 2014 issue of Step Mom

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Split – Divorce From the Child’s Perspective

Seattle Divorce Services
October 25, 2013

Last week at the annual IACP Forum the movie Split (www.splitfilm.org) was premiered.  This documentary looks at divorce from the perspective of the children involved.  As they point out on their website, in the US almost half of all children will experience a parental separation of some kind before the age of 16.  Their website contains a good trailer, and the full movie can be purchased on DVD.

I highly recommend Split both for parents who want to get a realistic idea of how their children may be impacted by the parents’ separation, and for children who are going through a parental separation to help them better understand that others have gone through this as well and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


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