Split - Children's Journeys Through Divorce
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A powerful film that every divorcing parent should watch before they meet with lawyers, mediators, or financial professionals.  Then when things get rocky, they should watch it again. 

- Talia Katz, Executive Director
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Ellen Bruno has found a way to capture the experience of children of divorce that is at once, arresting, provocative and illuminating.

By some miracle of being able to have the direct unfiltered experience of children talking both naturally and with great vulnerability, insight and sensitivity about THEIR experience, we have the opportunity to get at rarely seen truth.

All parents considering divorce or divorcing need to see this.

Everyone who has ever been a child of divorce will find this touching.

- Gary Friedman, Co-founder
Center for Understanding in Conflict

"In over 40 years of helping divorcing parents work out their agreements, I have found that divorcing parents often need to listen to the voices of children in addition to their mediator or collaborative divorce professionals. Split is a crucial tool that brings children and their wisdom into resolving their parents’ conflict. Split brings children right into the negotiating room that help parents take another look at the way they are acting toward each other and toward their children. Split’s camera and artwork, music, and sensitive selection of children from diverse backgrounds offer an invaluable message to parents and professionals alike."

- Forrest (Woody) Mosten, Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer, Los Angeles.
Adjunct Professor at UCLA School of Law, Mr. Mosten is the author of the Complete Guide to Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Handbook and is the recipient of the ABA Lawyer as Problem Solver and Lifetime Legal Access Awards

"A rare and authentic opportunity to learn from the experts whose lives you are guiding; and it teaches parents the value of keen active listening so they keep it real."

- Sandra Sherr, Parenting Mediator
Main Line Family Law Center, Havertown, PA

"SPLIT is a beautiful and eye-opening snapshot of divorce through the lens of a child. It (SPLIT) should be required viewing for all parents going through divorce. Highly recommended!"

- Amy McCready
Positive Parenting Solutions, Inc.


Caught in the middle, feeling forced to take sides, alone, angry, sad, wanting to help, wishing things could go back to normal, finding what helps the hurt and finally getting better...all are stages of growth and transformation that Ellen Bruno illuminates in this most powerful film.

Split gives children an opportunity to be heard over the chaos of family dissolution.  In their own words, they give us their honest, unfiltered feelings.

Anyone watching cannot help but be influenced to understand how better to navigate the course of divorce, when they hear how these children cope with the pain and chaos of divorce and acceptance of a change in which they are not in control.

In their own words, children of a variety of ages and races speak authentically of their experiences of  love and family.

Unusual and striking, Bruno brings what is emotionally relevant for children to the fore of awareness of anyone who deals with children and divorce. 

- Gayle Peterson, LCSW, PhD, author 
Making Healthy Families 

Split is both a mirror for children whose parents have divorced and a window for those whose parents have not, but who (inevitably) know kids whose have.

We watched it with our ten-year-old who gained deeper compassion and insight into what some of her friends are going through. The children featured in the film were sincere, real, honest, relatable--I'd love to see it shown in schools as part of life skills classes. 

- Peggy Orenstein, Author

I am overwhelmed with joy. The impact that SPLIT has had on our lives has been incredible. listening to the other kids speak about their family struggles has helped our daughter understand  that she is not the only kid going through family struggles. With the help of this film, her self-awareness and self esteem have soared to new heights. 

Thank you for giving kids a voice.

- Lacrecia, mother of Chayil, 8

SPLIT gives children positive outlets for their distress rather than having their issues shrouded in silence, normalizing issues that often become stigmatized. A film reflecting children’s experience in a thoughtful light will greatly help children feel accepted and understood.

- Lee Ann Slaton, MS Education Coordinator
Parents Place, San Francisco

As a public school teacher for 15 years, I have seen the academic and emotional impact of divorce on my students, including depression, anger and sadness. For families with limited resources, schools provide the most consistent services for children in need. As more and more families from diverse backgrounds experience divorce SPLIT becomes invaluable in the classroom.

- Sesheta Hanible
Public Elementary School San Francisco


SPLIT will put a great resource in the hands of service agencies on the front lines, providing an urgently needed tool for families experiencing the challenges and stresses of divorce. There is an acute need for more effective tools to educate divorcing parents and facilitate parent-child communication.

- Sonia Melara
Rally Family Visitation Services, San Francisco

Both parents and children will greatly benefit from thoughtful educational materials that give families operating instructions for the high risk territory of divorce. Divorce is a time of crisis where sound information, frameworks for action and understanding make all the difference in calming the turbulent emotional, logistical, and legal waters. There is a great need for well crafted information and education, especially for the children. It can make all the difference.

- Isolina Ricci, Ph.D. Author
Mom’s House, Dad’s r Two