Split - Children's Journeys Through Divorce
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Ellen Bruno

Ellen Bruno
Producer, Director, Editor

Ellen Bruno is an award winning documentary filmmaker based in San Francisco.
With a background in international relief work, Ellen's films have focused on issues at the forefront of human rights, including sex trafficking in Burma, political prisoners in Tibet, the social alienation of people with leprosy, and genocide in Cambodia.

Ellen earned an MA in Film at Stanford University. She is a recipient of Guggenheim and Rockefeller Fellowships, a Goldie Award for Outstanding Artists, an Alpert Award for the Arts, an Anonymous Was A Woman Award for the Arts, and was an Artist-in-Residence at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Ellen serves on the board of the International Buddhist Film Festival, the Pacific Pioneer Fund, and Ethical Traveler.

Ellen KurasEllen Kuras

Ellen Kuras, (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Swoon, Heart of Gold) has won the Sundance Film Festival award for Best Dramatic Cinematography an unprecedented three times, and has been nominated for three Emmy awards.

Elizabeth FinlaysonElizabeth Finlayson

Elizabeth has collaborated with Ellen as an editor for over 20 years, starting when they were students together in film school. Her editing credits also include The Kids of Survival: Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Barbie Nation, The Self Made Man, and Blink.

Gwen GordonGwen Gordon
Director of Animation

Gwen began a life of play designing and building Muppets for Sesame Street. As a creative director Gwen draws from an eclectic background that includes the MIT Media Lab, Xerox PARC, IDEO, and a Masters degree in Philosophy and Religion. Gwen has designed programs for groups ranging from life coaches to TSA security officers and for popular films including What the Bleep Do We Know?!, The Story of Stuff, and THRIVE. She won a local Emmy Award as creative director for the PBS pilot, Kids, Cash, and Common Sense and is currently directing/producing the documentary SERIOUSLY! A movie about PLAY!

Christina McGheeChristina McGhee
Divorce Expert, Primary Content Advisor and Outreach Specialist

Passionate about changing the way children experience divorce; Christina has devoted her career to educating parents and creating resources that make a difference. She has written PARENTING APART: How separated and divorced parents raise happy and secure kids, been featured in the British documentary, How to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Kids, created a national initiative and parenting curriculum for UK parents, produced a children’s DVD about divorce and is a contributing author in the upcoming book, ToughLOVE (2014). You can connect with Christina at www.divorceandchildren.com or on facebook.

Suzanne SlatcherSuzanne Slatcher

Suzanne worked at Pixar Animation Studios on such films as Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo and Up (she made the flying house). Before that, Suzanne was an animation director in London, working on feature films and commercials.

Roma EdwardsRoma Edwards
Lead Animation Artist

My name is Roma. Aside from drawing, I love to make funky Halloween costumes and cool outfits using my sewing machine, hot glue, and stuff from the fabric store. I also love to use clay. Right now I'm making a lot of bracelets that I might sell.

Chloe Xantal GonzalezChloe Xantal Gonzalez
Lead Animation Artist

Chloe lives in San Francisco and is in college now. But she let us go through all the boxes under her bed to find some amazing art for SPLIT.

More Animation Artists

Aedra Li
Alya Bohr
Ariane Li
Chayil Hinton
Ella Rosenblatt
Hanna Davis
Kate McClusky
Leo Fine
Lola Cleaveland
Maia Bruno-BaSaing
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Max Greenberg-Eccless
Olivia Cleaveland
Serafina Eagleton
Tikloh Bruno-BaSaing
Zara Woo


Justine Armen
Lisa Calgaro
Amy Cai

Jeremiah MooreJeremiah Moore
Sound Designer and Mixer

Jeremiah Moore crafts sound for films, exhibits, radio, and other media experiences at his studio in San Francisco. He also creates sound artworks around the human/nature/technology interface, observations of everyday beauty, human experiences of time, and transformation of commercial culture into meaningless bliss. He serves as co-chair of Bay Area Sound Ecology which hosts social experiences centered around listening. He and his partner have two young sons. His parents divorced when he was seven.

Diane PhilipsDiane Philips
Associate Producer

Diane brings a long-term interest in film and portrait photography to her work with the SPLIT team. She founded the travel and fitness company MountainFit, is an avid soccer player, and serves as president of the Golden Gate Women's Soccer League. Diane has also served on the SF Jewish Film Festival Development committee and chaired events for the Discovery Museum and Temple Emanu-El Preschool. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children, and their puppy Hickory.